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WorldWinner 2008

5th of July, Stockholm/S, Worlddogshow,
judges: Espen Engh, N - females and Joan Goldstein, USA - males, BIR

What an incredible result : 3 worldchampions for Agha Djari's at one world-winner-show !!
Thank you, judges !!

Thank you, Camilla for you're incredible handling, seeing Reeva with you in the breed and groupe ring was so fantastic,
I will always cherish these moments !
Thank you, Marie-Louise and Liisa for the loving homes, you gave her during her stay in Scandinavia.
Thank you, Salla for training my little spoiled princess to that super showdog, she is now !
Thank you to the crowed, the big ringside support and your lovely comments on our dogs.


Agha Djari's Reflection Of Xenos, "Reeva", wins WORLDCHAMPION 2008, BOB
(168 afghans entered) and later on GROUPE 1 at the worldshow 2008 in Sweden !!! (record entry + 20.000 dogs)

ISADORA - Junior WorldWinner08 female

WESLEY - Junior WorldWinner08 male
JR-BOB, and Junior BIS-2 All Breeds (around 100 Jr-Worldwinners in the ring !)

Not to forget... "Moritz", BIS-SBIS-Ch.Agha Djari's Urban Cowboy, 2nd in open class,
Ch.Agha Djari's Ocean's Eleven, "Garcia" 1rst in working-class, Jr.Ch.Agha Djari's Visual Effect, "Jasir", 2nd in intermediate class.