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Kennel Agha Djari

since 1987
Stefan Boieck & Nico Kersten
Hauptstraße 21
D-38277 Heere

Cell:     0049 - 174 - 3 30 57 44
Home:  00 49 - 53 45 - 9 89 20 11
Fax:     00 49 - 53 45 - 9 89 20 12
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We live near Hannover, currently with 3 adult afghans. We try to keep our number of dogs small. They are companions, live in our house, we don't have kennels for them and love to have them around us.

3 generations on the sofa: Cigourney, 14 years with daughter Devon and granddaughter Hannah

I've got my first afghan in 1980, when I was 12. It was always my dream to have such a dog, since I saw one in a dog-book. She was very nice, out of the well-known old German 'Irminsul'-bloodlines. Unfortunately, she missed two teeths. In that time, it was not possible, to show her. She lived nearly 14 years.

My second afghan I got one year later, in 1981. It was 'Ch. Urdu von Katwiga', my first champion, out of Erika Rödde's famous kennel. She was very special for me and died at the age of over 14 years, when I was 27. So she was with me for more than the half of my lifetime....

Urdu was the mother of my first and second litter, out of pure VDOM-lines. The first litter in 1987 was just one bitch, very disapointing! She was very nice, had great success in the young-classes with winning some young-SBIS, but lost nearly all the coat after her seasons, so it was not possible to finish her.

In 1989, I had the second, the B-litter, producing Ch. Agha Djari's Besas-Barouk (Multi Ch. and #2 male in 1994), the first ownbred champion. What an exciting moment!

Then I saw more and more dogs out of the American lines, like dogs from Koschar-Wa Chasis, Germany ('Coastwind'-lines) and Kefalari, Switzerland ('Sanallah'-lines). I was very impressed and tried for my third ('C')-litter in 1992 an outcross with a male from Jackie Waigel, which produced two very successful Multi-Champions, Cigourney and Chenaandoah.

In 1994, my fourth ('D')-litter produces the top-winning bitch Ch.Agha Djari's Dangerous Liaison (#2 bitch 1998), still a combination from German/American lines.

Because of my studies/work I had a break from breeding for four years. During that time, I got from France Multi SBIS-Ch.Janet Du Menuel Galopin. She was the top-winning afghan in 1997, and was in front of some of Europe's most famous males. In 1998, Janet had the exciting and very successful E-litter out of SBIS-USA Ch. Gazon Do What You Say. It was the first litter after four years, five of this litter were shown and all five became champions!

In 1996 I also got from France Multi-SBIS-Ch. Maybeline's Maybe A Star. She was the top-winning afghan and also #1 sighthound in 1998, only two years old. She broke some records. I stopped her showing intensively when she was 4, at that time she had 13 different titles or championships! Jill is the mother of the exciting G-litter.

(Rush & Reeva)
In Jill's footsteps followed SBIS Ch. Agha Djari's Forever In My Heart "Devon",who was born in 1999. The rest is history. Devon became one of Europe's most famous and most titled afghans , she is Germany's Top-winning BIS afghan and sighthound of all times, Germany's No. 1 afghan 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004.
In 2001, she had a litter in January, so she was just shown for few months, but she still was No. 1 afghan bitch that year. Devon was and is on of my all time favourite dogs, she was not only a great showdog, with a movement, unfortunately rarely seen in our days, (extremly spectacular, but extremly correct),
she is also the most gentle and charming dog. Never aggressiv, never shy, just calm and sweet. She also made her mark in the whelping box. Most of my current dogs are related to Devon. Her first litter was sired by SBIS Ch. Agha Djari's Gangsta Rap, all 5 puppies finished their championships. Her second litter was born in 2005, her son "Rush" is the current No. 1 afghan in Germany, winning Ntl.BIS and different important titles and Championships with just 2,5 years. Her daughter "Reeva" is also a multi-SBIS winner, Ntl BIS winner of the Finnish National, with just 14 months over a record entry. So far, I guess, Reeva is the best dog, I've bred, even she is maybe too diffferent for some German people....

"it's done". Devon's last show is finished , Ntl.BIS at the Belgium Ntl.

After retiring Devon from her showcareer (her last show was Ntl-BIS at the Belgium Ntl. 2006, 8 years old), in her footsteps followed her granddaughters "Amber", who was Germany's No. 1 afghan 2006 and is the current No.1 bitch 2007. Granddaughter, "Piper" was also No. 1 afghan in Italy 2006, and another granddaughter "Phoebe" is the current No. 1 afghan in Sweden and an All-Breed BIS winner in the United States. These three girls, born 2004, are sired by the great Ch. Xenos Joselito. This was the beginning of a longlasting friendship and "teamwork" with Roberto Bongiovanni from famous Xenos knl. So far, 3 males from Xenos have been used here, with wonderful results. These dogs, even most of them still youngsters, winning worldwide with most impressive results, another male is the No. 1 afghan and No.1 hound in Southafrika.

In 2003, I acquired from Spain "Vegas" - Khafka's Hot Spices, littersister to the worldfamous "Pablo". She had a short, but impressive showcareer, winning 4 championships, SBIS and Ntl.BIS (in front of her brother Pablo!) in 1 year. At home, the happiest dog, she never liked the shows so much, so we decided, not to show her anymore. She gave us her beautiful first litter in June 2006 out of SBIS Ch.Xenos Comment, the stunning U-litter, which already made his impact in the European showrings this year.....

The future looks bright with more exciting youngsters. In 2007, we had the possibility, to incoorporate in our breeding-program the Multi Ch.Ingenue Izabella-S, littersister to the world famous Sebaztian. Proud daddy was the young "Rush", so Devon's legacy will go on .....

I want to thank all Agha Djari's owners for their support, their energy, but most important for their loving, permanent homes. My biggest success is not any title, championship, or whatever. Im proud, that I still have my dogs like my "pets" (I dont like that word), even, if I'm showing on a very high level. I'm not that professional monster, a lot of people, esp. in good old Germany want to see me. Its always so easy complaining and searching the faults in others, when you are not winning, isnt it ?? My dogs live a wonderful life on the sofa here, they stay, until they die, Cigourney became nearly 15 years, before I had to let her go. My "oldies" are now Janet -13 years, Jill - 11 years and Devon - 9 years. My dogs go every sunday on the racing-track, they love it, and I love the silence in the house in the evening ;-)) They have their walks 2 times a day, even if we have a big yard for them, but we all know, that an afghan won't use that so much after some years. We also do jogging with our dogs, its not only good for them also for us ;-) A good advice also for these people, who spend the halftime of their life in front of the computer and the telephone, complaining for dogs, shows and results, even if they were not there, instead of walking, training and grooming their dogs. Success over the years is extremly hard work, difficult to accept for some people.

"tired and happy after the racing track": from left to right:
SBIS Ch.AD's Primary Colors, SBIS Ch.Xenos Comment, SBIS Ch.AD's Forever In My Heart, SBIS Ch.AD's Reflection Of Xenos , SBIS Ch.AD' Per JJ.
All these dogs have their racing licence. And yes, these poor showdogs are allowed to run, unbelievable, no ?? ;-)

Stefan Boieck, October 2007